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  • I'm looking to get in the best shape of my life

  • I'm searching for that endorphin high from a killer workout

  • I need a supportive environment that nurtures and challenges me, but also holds me accountable

  • I love the impact free benefits of pilates, the calmness of yoga, and the challenge of bootcamp

  • I want an unforgettable experience that just gets better!

1. Commit

2. Do the work

We don't get to choose our story but do get to decide how it ends. 

3. bloom


"I can't say enough great things about Studio Elevate! Every instructor is welcoming and encouraging.  They give great modifications and adjustments. The studio is always clean and inviting. I've been coming here for two years and I am always challenged!" - Kate S.

"I absolutely LOVE this studio! The atmosphere is very chill & welcoming, the instructors are all friendly, warm, and knowledgeable, and the classes kick my butt every time!" -Kelsey C.

"As someone who has often felt intimidated at gyms, the vibe at Elevate is always welcoming and supportive. There are plenty of modifications you can do when things are too intense also. I am so glad I found this studio- it's the only workout regimen I have been able to stick to!" - Brianna B.


Elevate was created to fulfill what was lacking in the fitness world - a functional pilates group class that could challenge everyone at any stage of their fitness journey. A space that feels inclusive, private and warm while still holding you accountable for your fitness goals. It was created for women and men, strong or weak, tall or short, big or little. It's a special place that facilitates mental and physical strength. Our team resonates so deeply with our purpose and it shows. The experience is unforgettable. The time flies by. You walk out feeling just as we expected - Elevated.


Reform Strength 


A more intense strength-based pilates class. You'll find more challenging moves, harder spring resistance, and less rest. Be prepared for more encouragement to find your edge. Great for those who want to get fit quickly without the bulk and perfect for those who love a full body burn.

Reform Sculpt

A less intense (but still hard) sculpt-based pilates class. You'll find more fine tuning exercises, more rests and stretches and more encouragement to honor your limits. Generally these classes offer easier spring resistance and less aggressive moves. Still a kick-ass class and great for beginners or those with injuries.

We also offer privates and duets

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