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This is my first pilates class and I'm NERVOUS!  What do I need to know?


First off - YES! You're going to be a pro in no time by following a few simple steps;

Be sure to sign-up online to take class. You should create an account and submit the studio waiver and release of liability before your first classPlease bring a towel and water bottle. We DO require grip socks, so please bring your own or we have them for purchase. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to class - this way the instructor will have the chance to get to know you and introduce you to the machine you will conquer slowly but surely. Because of the class size limitations, we ask that if you need to switch or cancel a class, please do so at least 12 hours before class starts.


Our cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to the class start time (Example: If class starts at 6:30pm you would need to cancel by 6:30am the same day). If you cancel within the 12-hour window before class, Monthly Unlimited members are charged $25 ($50 if you no-show), and members with other packages forfeit the class. We do strictly enforce this due to the limited class size.


What if I have an injury or limitation?


Depending on your injury, you may choose to take a few private pilates sessions first. This is a great way to get acquainted with the machine and learn to modify for your needs. If you decide to take a group class right away, be sure to let the instructor know about your injury, that way we can help you get stronger safely. 

What if the class I want to take is full?


If a class you want to join is full, we recommend stalking our reservation platform to see if a space opens up. We are not using a waitlist at the moment, so we encourage early sign-ups and early cancellation if you are no longer able to make a class. 

What happens if I run late?
Please arrive on time to class. To respect the experience of our members, once class has started there are no late entries and the front door will be locked. This is both a safety measure during Covid-19 and a way to avoid interruptions and distractions during class. Thank you for being respectful of the experience!

How old do I need to be to take class?
We require a minimum age of 18 to attend class. If you are younger, you may attend with a guardian over 18.

How often should I come?
As a beginner you should expect to be quite sore after class. Give your body time to heal up and become stronger. We recommend 2-3x a week as a beginner, building up to 4-5x/week as you get stronger. Results will happen quickly, so be prepared to look and feel amazing!

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