Our Team

Leah Kitching


Mostly creative and all fun, Leah is our fearless leader who sets the tone for all things Elevated. She steps in to teach occasionally  and when she does, look out for her badass energy transforming you from the inside out. 

Miwa Sakamoto


Miwa is calm, cool, and collected. Trained in-house, Miwa knows how to kick your butt before you know it! She specializes in sharing her knowledge of movement as a way to release energy and challenging the mind and body to get stronger. Come see how a chill vibe can truly keep you calm while making you strong!

Kat Barrett


Born in West Germany, landed in LA, Kat is all about new beginnings and endings. With lots of slow pilates counts to 4, Kat will get you to challenge your perceived limits, embrace the shake, and transform yourself into the version you've always been seeking. Go see her if you're ready for the challenge! 

Danielle Pearre


Danielle is a native LA badass who won't let you get away with anything! A stickler for pilates form and conscious movement, she is honored to be able to be a special part of your day, and has a true gift to create an experience that enhances your life.

Dayanara Parra


Dayanara is a Yonkers beauty that will take your pilates practice to the next level safely and effectively. She puts on the sick beats (which she always has), gets you warmed up, and becomes your #1 cheerleader. She will help inspire you and change you from the inside out!

Hibaru Maywood


Hailing from Tokyo, Hibaru was also trained in-house. She inspires her students the same way she was inspired to teach; she loves to help push, challenge and see the accomplishments of each one of you in every class! She will take your standards up a notch and you'll love every second of it!

Janelle Stack


Janelle is our resident music guru and yogi extraordinaire. While you may hear the occasional ya'll from her, don't think her southern roots made her a softie. She loves helping you lose yourself in her killer tunes and challenging workout. 

Erin Goodfellow


Erin doesn't know how to take a smile off her face if she tried. A true optimist at heart she knows how to hold and pulse you to the very end. Catch her if you can, she only subs for now (boo Eastside)!